Leverage our research to support health and wellbeing in your community

If you want to be part of the solution to improving liveability in Australia, and supporting healthy, equitable and sustainable cities for all Australians, then become a Paid Partner with us. 

You’ll be leveraging the Australian Urban Observatory’s neighbourhood liveability indicators, utilising ground breaking policy-relevant urban research linking the built environment and public health, developed by RMIT University’s Healthy Liveable Cities Group.

The AUO has two levels of accessibility

All indicators to a Local Government Level, as well as the Liveability Index and Social Infrastructure Index to Suburb and Neighbourhood levels, are available without charge. 

All other Suburb and Neighbourhood indicators are available through AUO Paid Partnerships.

Available AUO Paid Partnerships


Standard partnership is for a 12-month financial year from July 1 to June 30 with pro rata funding for reduced time periods. Payments are due by June 30 annually.

Partners can select multiple Local Government Areas (LGA) at $7,500 per LGA and / or Partners can select multiple states at $50,000 per state.

For Organisations or State/Federal Government Departments just one partnership will provide access to unlimited seats for the Australian Urban Observatory. Access will be by email address, allowing multiple people with the same email suffix (i.e. all @rmit.edu.au or your relevant organsational/departmental emails) to use the Observatory.