Creating Liveable Cities 1

RMIT Centre for Urban Research Essays from The Conversation

Creating Liveable Cities 1 comprises essays written by RMIT Centre for Urban Research academic researchers, including AUO Director Dr Melanie Davern, Distinguished Professor Billie Giles-Corti, Associate Professor Hannah Badland, Dr Lucy Gunn, Dr Alan Both, Dr Karen Villanueva, Rebecca Roberts, Carl Higgs and Julianna Rozek. This series of essays from The Conversation explores the academic background and research impact of the indicators included in the Australian Urban Observatory.

From important early papers, such as “How do we create liveable cities? First, we must work out the key ingredients“, which defined the essential ingredients for a liveable community, to recent articles examining the impact of COVID-19 on our cities like “Mapping COVID-19 spread in Melbourne shows link to job types and ability to stay home” and “Coronavirus reminds us how liveable neighbourhoods matter for our well-being“, these articles demonstrate the connection between community health and wellbeing and urban planning.

Creating Liveable Cities 2

Understanding the Australian Urban Observatory’s Indicators and Scorecard

The Australian Urban Observatory provides decision-makers and everyday citizens with the best urban liveability indicators to promote health and wellbeing in their communities, helping to prioritise actions that support healthy liveable cities across Australia.

Creating Liveable Cities 2 steps you through the Australian Urban Observatory indicators: their academic context, connection to the SDGs, rationale, methodology, references, and metadata. It also describes the AUO Scorecard which summarises liveability data and ABS statistics for the LGA, Suburb or SA1 in question.