We have created a new video tutorial to help you understand the AUO, its maps, score card and functionality.

There are chapter headings in the progress bar to enable quick access relevant sections:

▪︎ Selecting your area and indicator
▪︎ Reading the Score card
▪︎ Indicator information (green tab)
▪︎ Score card tab (pink tab)
▪︎ ABS indicators (yellow tab)
▪︎ Layers selection (blue tab)
▪︎ Data downloads (orange tab)
▪︎ Double maps for comparison
▪︎ Book a demo

For more information on what we measure and why, please view the metadata and FAQs.

The AUO maps 71 indicators of liveability across Australia’s 21 largest cities. We map to three levels of detail – for Local Government Areas, Suburbs and Neighbourhoods – and for two time periods – 2018 and 2021.

All indicators at LGA level are available FREE with a simple registration. In addition, indicators for our comprehensive Liveability Index and all eight Social Infrastructure indicators are available for FREE to all three levels of detail.

Suburb and Neighbourhood indicators for all other domains – WalkabilityTransportFoodAlcoholPublic Open SpaceEmployment, and Housing – are available through PAID PARTNERSHIPS with the Australian Urban Observatory.