We are excited to share our new Demographic Indicators to enable better understanding of equity of access to liveable places in your local community. These Demographic Indicators have been mapped with both 2016 and 2021 Census data providing alignment with our 2018 and 2021 Liveability Indicators.

In this first release, we have 115 Demographic Indicators mapped to all three levels of detail – LGAs, Suburbs and Neighbourhoods – including mapping of incidence of disease data which has been collected by the ABS Census for the first time in 2021.

The 115 new indicators include: Age and gender (24), Housing type (7), Diversity (6), SEIFA-IRSD (2), Labour force status (3), Income (5), Housing costs (15), Employment sector (5), Education (2) and Health (46).

You can download our most up to date list of AUO Cities and Indicators here.